DuraWalk Foot / Willow Wood

WillowWood’s most advanced low-activity foot is the DuraWalk. The integrated design of the toe pad, urethane heel, and foot shell provides multiaxial function for the user. The flexible toe spring allows for a smooth gait cycle while the foot’s multiaxial function provides stability on uneven terrain. Clinicians may change the heel density of the foot in order to maximize function. The foot’s construction and performance make it suitable for both transtibial and transfemoral amputee use for patients up to 350 pounds.

The DuraWalk Foot Shell, available separately, is molded specifically for the foot to provide a perfect fit. The low-cut foot shell permits easy access to the foot for clinical adjustments. The slightly flexible foot shell allows a better fit in various shoe styles and has a reinforced sole for increased durability.

In addition to exceptional performance and an economical price, the DuraWalk Foot provides a modern, attractive design generally reserved for high activity feet.

Product qualities

  • Highly flexible toe spring.
  • Low-activity foot with 350 lb weight limit
    (U.S. Level 2).
  • Multi-axial function
  • Modular, replaceable foot shell allows easyaccess for clinical adjustments
  • Three urethane heel density options.
  • Two endoskeletal kits available for convenient ordering.

100% Original

Includes Foot, Soft Heel Insert, Medium Heel Insert.
Foot shell available separately.
Weight 502 g
Based on 26 cm foot with foot shell and Foot Sock
Patient Weight Limit 350 lb (160 kg)
Heel Height 3/8″(10 mm)
Available Sizes 23 to 30 cm
Build Height 2.75″ (70 mm)
Cosmesis Unisex in Buff, Tan, or Medium Brown
(available separately)
Toe Resistance Very Low (1),
Low (2),
Regular (3),
High (4),
Very High (5)
Warranty Information Foot: 12 months from date of patient fitting
Foot Shell: 12 months from date of patient fitting
Endoskeletal Kits Kits include a DuraWalk Foot, Soft and Medium Heel Inserts, a DuraWalk Foot Shell, and a Foot Sock
Standard Kit: 30 mm Aluminum Adapter with Aluminum Tube.
Has a 250 lb (115 kg) weight limit.
Heavy Duty Kit: 30 mm Titanium Adapter with Carbon Tube.
Has a 350 lb (160 kg) weight limit.
DWF-2324-1 DuraWalk Foot SAMPLE Part Number
Name Code DWF DWF = DuraWalk Foot
Size of Foot 2324 2324 = 23 or 24 cm
2526 = 25 or 26 cm
2728 = 27 or 28 cm
2930 = 29 or 30 cm
Toe Resistance 1 1 = Very Low
2 = Low
3 = Regular
4 = High
5 = Very High
Foot Shell Ordering Options:
FSDW-23LB DuraWalk Foot Shell Sample Part Number
Size of Foot 23 23 to 30 cm
Side of Foot L L = Left
R = Right
Foot Shell Color B B = Buff
M = Medium Brown
T = Tan

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